Beam Waxing Service

Nourishing and restoring moisture back to beams; transforming them to their healthiest state.

After years of being coated and uncared for, your property’s beams can be left looking dry and aged. All beams that are exposed to damp, have or can be susceptible to rot and allow wood boring beetles to thrive, meaning the wood can have cracked or crumbled where it has been under attack. Once your beams are blast cleaned and treated, it is a perfect opportunity to nourish them back to life. This won’t just condition the beams but will enrich their natural colour and enhance the overall aesthetic look of the timbers.

The process will not alter the natural look of the wood by giving it a glossy or matte look like most retailed wax does, conversely the beams will look refreshed whilst staying in their natural state. All wax is made up by ourselves into a mousse and it is neatly hand painted onto the beams to ensure full coverage. All rotted and severely dry areas are thoroughly worked on. Beams may darken when wet, but once dried they will return to their initial colouring.

Ultimately, this is the neatest process which we have found has the best results for moisturising the beams, which doesn’t leave a thick waxy coating on the surface of the beams like solid wax does. Equally, it exceeds all liquid forms of wax which require multiple layers to gain an effect even near to the performance of mousse.

Our extensive knowledge of wood has allowed us to have not only perfected this application process of waxing your beams, but to have created our own wax, which is effective in conditioning the beams without altering the overall natural look of the wood.

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