Restore your beams back to their natural state

A unique and incredibly sympathetic way of restoring your beams back to their natural state. Recently people in older properties find the painted oak beams make rooms appear dark and oppressive therefore face the dilemma of returning them back to their natural colour.

Sometimes people decide to go with the option of painting over them with a lighter colour, consequently finding the paint can start to flake off in places. Also adding layer after layer of paint can be detrimental to the health of the wood as it cannot breathe.

When Sandblasting is not an option

Sandblasting is not an option in this day and age, as it is a messy abrasive process and you hear tales of people’s woes, in that, for years afterwards, intrusive sand keeps appearing from the wood, and also that it makes its way into other rooms of the house. Being abrasive it also alters the surface of the wood, removing carpenter marks and the shape of the timbers.

Dry ice blasting is a non abrasive process, which simply removes the coating off of the beams by freezing the coating. This is a versatile gentle process which introduces no secondary waste stream; a fine dust is created by the paint being removed from the beams.

The beams redeem their character

Our process simply lifts the unaesthetic and unveils the true colours of the wood. All carpenter and apotropaic marks stay in perfect condition. This process truly transforms homes and the beams become a majestic feature of a property. The beams returning to their natural state redeem their character from attributes such as the their knots and grain. The lighter colour of the wood, opens up a room subsequently making it look distinctively brighter and bigger.

We are also fantastic at removing varnish from beams and wooden floors and can clean dirty green or new oak. By working at a lower pressure than alternative techniques and being non abrasive, we can work on rotted or beetle infested wood without damaging the beam.

We can carry out this process whilst you are living in the property, all we require from you is access for our van and compressor and an electricity supply.

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