Food And Beverage Industry

Sanitation is a critical element in the production of foods and beverages; dry ice blasting is an ideal process for cleaning containers, mixers, conveyors etc, leaving no harmful secondary waste to clean. It is also ideal for cleaning the labelling machinery, which always a difficult process. Again the major benefit is that there is no water involved, eliminating the costly exercise covering up / drying. We are safe to work around electrics as the CO2 is an inert gas, and are quick and efficient.

Dry ice blasting is excellent for deep cleaning of commercial kitchens. Ovens, stainless steel work surfaces, tiles can be very effectively cleaned and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, and eradicates the risk of any hazards being introduced.

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum has become one of the fastest growing environmental and municipal problems of the past decade. Dry ice blasting can completely clean chewing gum from a wide variety of external internal surfaces, including streets, concrete walkways, pavements, roads, paved areas, pedestrian areas, wooden flooring, shopping centres, waiting areas, schools and colleges. We can cater to your needs when carrying out works, for example during closing times of the building, and work whilst other trades are present – which alternate methods cannot do.

Graffiti Removal

Dry Ice blasting is an excellent medium for the removal of graffiti. We can remove it from bus shelters, brick and paintwork, trains etc… We introduce no mess, the only dust will be from the coating which we are removing.

Adhesive Removal

Adhesives are easily removed in comparison to alternative methods, as the lower temperature serves to weaken the adhesive bond. Abrasive methods often generate heat and can therefore fail with some adhesive removal. It is ideal for cleaning gluing machines, and other production machinery.

Commercial Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

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