Sandblasting Suffolk

Sandblasting Suffolk based is a traditional cleaning method for removing paint, graffiti and general dirt and grime from building exteriors. Once considered a safe and effective cleaning method, it has now been shown that on some surfaces at least, the small particles and high pressures used can damage the surface of bricks and other building materials. This has left many people looking for a safer alternative. Dry ice blasting may just be the alternative that you have been searching for to replace sandblasting Essex and beyond. This cleaning method is just as effective, but is completely non-abrasive and creates no by-products during the cleaning process.

Why You Need An Alternative To Sandblasting London Methods For Fire Damage

If your property has suffered fire damage, then the last thing you want to do is use a cleaning method that will potentially cause further harm. While effective at cleaning the fabric of a building after a fire, sandblasting Suffolk based can also remove any protective brick layers that remain, cause pitting and also damage the integrity of any wooden beams that are affected. Alternatives to sandblasting such as chemical cleaning and wire brushing are expensive, labour intensive and time consuming. They can also provide less than perfect results after all your hard work. Dry ice blasting provides a viable, economic and safe alternative. It cleans just as effectively as sandblasting, but without the damage. It allows you to see the extent of the fire damage and to save more of the original bricks and timbers than you may otherwise have been able to. Once cleaned, you can also assess whether any timbers in your property require woodworm treatment Suffolk based to ensure that you are not faced with a whole new set of issues.

The Importance Of Adding Woodworm Treatment Suffolk To Your Restoration List

If you are restoring a property that has any wooden features, whether this is exposed beams, joists, supports or flooring, then woodworm needs to be something you are thinking about. Left unchecked, woodworm can spread through a property and affect the structural integrity of anything the beetles bore into. The easiest way to prevent this damage and its associated costs is to ensure that the wood in your property is properly treated. However, to work effectively, woodworm treatment in Suffolk must be applied to wood that has been stripped of all surface coatings. This means that if you have exposed beams that have been painted or varnished wooden floorings, you need a safe and effective cleaning method before treatment can be started. This is where dry ice blasting comes in. It is safe enough to use on all wooden surfaces, creates little mess and no by-products, leaving your wooden features perfectly ready for treatment.

For The Very Best Alternative To Sandblasting Suffolk Wide, Work With Heritage Dry Ice Blasting LTD

If you are looking for a safe alternative to sandblasting in Suffolk or beyond, then dry ice blasting could be just what you need. At Heritage Dry ice Blasting LTD, we can clean fire damaged brick and timber, as well as cleaning building exteriors and providing commercial cleaning and vehicle cleaning. Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, safe, and creates no by-products. To see if it is the right alternative for you, visit our website at If you have any questions, you can reach us at [email protected] or on 01371 821601, where our team will be happy to help.