What happens when I get in contact?2018-12-05T12:02:23+00:00

One of the team will be able to answer any questions you have about our services. We will then asked you to send over some measurements and photos, or we will arrange a site visit to be able to give you a quote.

Why should I get my beams waxed?2020-04-29T10:55:49+01:00

After years of being suffocated by surface coatings beams naturally obtain a dry appearance. The wax we manufacture resolves this by conditioning the timber, which nourishes it back a really healthy state. The wax is formed into a mousse which is colourless when applied. This will not affect the colouration of the natural wood, but only enriched it. This also helps seal in the preservative if the beams have been treated. This service is particularly beneficial, if you have had evidence of rot or bore beetle activity, whereby, it can help seal the dry flaky parts of the wood without altering the colour.

Will I have to re treat my timbers?2020-04-29T11:15:35+01:00

We offer 10, 20, and 30 year guarantees with our treatments, as long as another damp issue has not occurred they should not need retreating.

Do I need my beams treated?2020-04-29T11:11:43+01:00

We advise once the wood is exposed that you get your timbers treated, even as a precautionary measure, as if you were to do anything else to the timber you’ll never have it back to its natural state. Once blasted, evidence of wood rot and bore beetle activity are a lot easier to diagnose, compared to when a thick layer of paint is covering the damage. Both of these can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of your wood, by having these treated it will prevent any further damage to your wood. The common issue with bore beetle activity, is that it activates at 20-22% moisture content. The problem with this is that even green oak can come at a standard of 17%, therefore you only need a 3-5% change for beetle to activate. Moisture can fluctuate, with condensation issues, any structural damp such as penetrative or rising (can affect sole plates which the timber affects surrounding timber due to osmosis) or even lack of ventilation or heating.

We are sovereign approved contractors and therefore can treat all timber rotting fungi and eradicate any wood boring beetles from your wood. Our work can be provided with guarantees; 10, 20, 30 years – which inevitably not only gives you peace of mind, but can benefit you by making it easier to get mortgages on the property which subsequently makes the property easier to sell in some cases. For more information please see our timber treatment page.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a non obligation quote.

How much redecoration is required?2020-04-29T11:16:37+01:00

After blasting, we hoover up to a good standard. Grease from the beams can stick, so will require to be sugar soaped off. Loose plaster may also come unattached, so we do advise redecorating may be necessary.

What areas do you cover?2018-12-05T12:00:58+00:00

We are based in the South East but cover most of England. We have three fully mobile teams and try to cater to all of your requirements.

How much does it cost?2018-12-05T12:00:36+00:00

Each project has to be priced differently due to each one being unique. They range in size, coating, location and ultimately stubbornness. We can advise you on this once we have obtained measurements and pictures or a site visit is arranged. A standard day is based on a two man team and 200kg of Dry Ice.

Are you eco-friendly?2018-12-05T12:00:14+00:00

The CO2 we use is a recycled bi-product which is manufactured into solid pellets. We do not add anymore CO2 into the atmosphere.

What do you need to work?2020-04-29T11:19:44+01:00

All we require is access for our van and compressor and a power supply. We always ask clients to make rooms as clear as possible to ensure we are able to tidy up.

Is it messy?2020-04-29T11:20:46+01:00

Our process does not introduce any secondary waste streams; there will only be a fine dust from the coating in which we are removing.

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