Sandblasting Essex

Sandblasting Essex based alternatives are vital to explore if you want to reduce the amount of damage that is done while cleaning either a property or a vehicle, or during commercial cleaning. While sandblasting achieves impressive results, it is an abrasive process that can damage a range of the materials that it comes into contact with, including paintwork and softer stones, such as sandstone. While sandblasting Suffolk and beyond has its place, it is important to know what viable alternatives are available to you. Dry ice blasting is one such cleaning method that is much kinder while being just as effective at removing dirt and grime.

Why Dry Ice Is Better Than Sandblasting London Buildings

Sandblasting has been the go-to method for cleaning brick, stone and timber for many years. While it is effective, it can also be detrimental to the surfaces it is used on. This is especially true with older brick that is left open to the elements. Sandblasting Essex and beyond basically cuts through and removes the outer protective layer of old bricks, leaving the inner core susceptible to the weathering effects of the changing seasons. This can eventually lead to spalling, where the brick turns to powder and falls apart. One answer to this problem has previously been to seal the bricks with a weatherproof and waterproof seal. However, this prevents the bricks from breathing and causes a build-up of moisture behind the sealant. Luckily, there are now safer alternatives to sandblasting, and indeed soda blasting Essex wide, that are just as effective. One of these is dry ice blasting. Dry ice blasting removes dirt, paint, varnish and other elements from brickwork without damage. Dry ice blasting is completely non-abrasive and produces no by-products or waste. It is so gentle that it can even be used to clean pine and oak beams, bringing them back to their natural glory. Whether you have beams that have been smoke damaged or have been painted over, dry ice blasting can help remove the unwanted discolouration and flaking paint without damaging the wood underneath. The process is just as simple to use on exterior beams, wooden flooring and decking, and can be used alongside woodworm treatment in Essex to fully protect and restore the wood in your home.

Heritage Buildings Deserve Kinder Treatments Than Mobile Sandblasting Essex And Beyond

Sandblasting is often the method of choice for cleaning heritage buildings because it is effective and quick at removing paint, dirt and grime. However, the combination of sand or other substances and high pressure water is abrasive, and that can cause irreparable damage to buildings, particularly older ones. Sandblasting and soda blasting Essex based cleaning methods effectively erode the paint or other matter to remove it from the building. The amount and type of damage that can be done to heritage buildings depends on a number of factors. These include the condition and type of materials that are being cleaned, the sharpness and size of the grit particles and the water pressure being applied. The skill of the operator is also a key factor, as the consistency with which pressure is applied during cleaning is important. One of the problems with mobile sandblasting Essex based cleaning methods is that they also erode the brick or stone that is underneath and around the area being cleaned. This means that decorative details can be worn away over time, negatively affecting the visual impact of the building. Abrasive cleaning can also create pits and breaks that can actually attract more dirt over time, meaning more regular cleaning is needed. In the long term, the cycle of cleaning can actually do more harm than good. As well as affecting the appearance of a historical building, it can potentially affect its structural stability, making it unsafe for visitors and employees alike.

Compare Dry Ice Blasting To Sandblasting And Soda Blasting Essex Wide For Vehicles

Cleaning methods such as sandblasting, soda blasting and dry ice blasting are mainly associated with cleaning building exteriors. They are considered effective at removing everything from graffiti to the build-up of dirt and grime that happens over time, particularly in populated and heavy traffic areas. However, it is not just buildings that require cleaning and restoration. Cars, boats and even aircraft need to be kept clean to keep them in top working order. The need for a careful approach that does not damage the surfaces being cleaned is even more important when it comes to such objects. Cars, boats, aircraft and other vehicles are constructed using a variety of materials that differ in strength, durability and porousness. The effects of sandblasting Essex based cleaning methods on glass will be different to those on aluminium, steel or plastic. Such vehicles also tend to have painted parts. Sandblasting, especially at high pressures, can remove, crack or weaken the paint, exposing the surface underneath to the elements. Even a small crack can cause significant damage over time and is certainly not something you want to find on an aircraft’s exterior. Sandblasting and soda blasting in Essex can also have a detrimental effect on moving parts. Should any of the small grit particles become lodged in such parts, you could find that your small restoration or cleaning project turns into a larger, more expensive rebuild. Swapping to dry ice blasting is the easiest answer to the questions posed by such cleaning methods. One company that provides both the equipment and skills that you need is Heritage Dry ice Blasting LTD.

For The Best Sandblasting Essex Alternative, Come To Heritage Dry Ice Blasting LTD

Dry ice blasting is a safe and effective alternative to sandblasting in Essex and elsewhere. It is non-abrasive and produces excellent results on brick, wood and stone. It can just as easily clean your vehicle without damaging the paintwork. At Heritage Dry ice Blasting LTD, we provide a range of dry ice blasting services to suit your needs and can clean anything from aircrafts to fire damaged brick and wooden beams. To learn more about us, visit our website at Then, to discuss your cleaning needs, give us a call on 01371 821601 or email us at [email protected] today.